We cook the best pizza you are ever likely to taste


Three types of tomato
that are all 100% Al Pomodoro

…and many more sinfully scrumptious shared dishes.

The Al Pomodoro Italian pizzeria is located in the very heart of Valencia and has spent over 20 years on its mission to bring you the very best pizza in the city. But Al Pomodoro is more than a simple pizzeria where you come to have lunch or dinner. It is an Italian restaurant that captures the imagination and provides guests with an opportunity to savour other authentically mouth-watering dishes.

Come and enjoy our delicious pizza and “sinfully scrumptious shared dishes” on our bijou terrace with views over the magnificent 15th Century Valeriola Palace.

Or enjoy it at home with our unbeatable home delivery service.

We’ll deliver
the very essence
of Al Pomodoro
straight to
your doorstep.

Which is no small feat!!

30% discount.

*All nights from Wednesday to Sunday using the
Uber Eats and Just Eat delivery platforms.
(Glovo not included as part of the promotion).

You can also order by calling Al Pomodoro directly on 96 391 4800, and collecting from the restaurant located at Calle del Mar, 22 bajo- 46003 Valencia.

New menus to take away


Lunchtime menu

*Lunchtime menú and dinnertime menú not available in Glovo.
*30% discount only on Saturday and Sunday; Glovo not included as part of the promotion.


La Bottega

  • 1. PORCHETTA (New)
    Mouth-watering slices of roast pork served with creamy smoked aubergine and crispy piadina flatbread triangles. Allergens: 1, 2, 8 ( Gluten, Egg, Soya )
  • 2. BURRATA (New)
    Delicious burrata cheese from the Campania region served with a tomato, basil and Bay of Biscay anchovy tartar. Allergens: 1, 3, 4, 14 ( Gluten, Dairy, Fish, Sulphites )
    Chunky sourdough toast with chopped tomato, basil, capers and a smoked sardine tartar. Allergens: 1, 4, 14 ( Gluten, Fish, Sulphites )
  • 4. VITELLACCIO (New)
    Juicy roast beef served with creamy tuna sauce, sprinkled with pistachios and crunchy capers. Allergens: 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 14 ( Gluten, Egg, Fish, Dried fruit, Mustard, Sulphites )
  • 5. BRESAOLA (New)
    Thin slices of bresaola cured beef with artichokes in oil, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Allergens: 1 ( Gluten )
  • 6. OSTE (New)
    Platter with only the finest selection of Italian cold meats and cheeses, vegetable confit in oil, pickles, creamy gorgonzola, spiced tomato, fresh fruit, dried fruit and a selection of speciality breads. Allergens: 1, 3, 8, 14 ( Gluten, Dairy, Dried fruit, Sulphites )
    Thin slices of raw veal, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, parmesan shavings, rocket lettuce and a creamy truffle sauce. Allergens: 3 ( Dairy )
  • 8. CARRETTIERE (New)
    A melted smoked scamorza cheese platter with crispy pancetta, cured ham from the Umbria region served with sourdough, artichokes in olive oil and stuffed peppers. Allergens: 1, 3, 14 ( Gluten, Dairy, Sulphites )
  • 9. CAPRESE
    Our very own version of Caprese: oven-baked tomato, Campania P.D.O buffalo mozzarella, oven-baked aubergine, rocket lettuce, pine nuts, drops of basil pesto and crunchy “Carasau” bread croutons (typical of Sardinia). Allergens: 1, 3, 8, 9, 14. ( Gluten, Dairy, Dried fruit, Soya, Sulphites )
    Traditional, mouth-watering carpaccio: wafer-thin slices of veal in an olive oil and lemon juice dressing, mushrooms, rocket lettuce and slivers of parmesan. Allergens: 3 ( Dairy )
  • 11. PIATTO DELL´OZIO (New)
    Your choice of bread or piadina flatbread to accompany your selection of three cold meats or cheeses; all served with our very own black olive tapenade. Allergens: 1, 3, 14 ( Gluten, Dairy, Sulphites )

Today´s menu


Drink, bread and coffee


Drink, bread, dessert and coffee

Prices per person. VAT included.

1º Plato

To choose between:

  • INSALATA CESIRA: Fried “popcorn” chicken, crispy lettuce, pancetta and croutons. Seasoned with our mouth-watering
    Caesar sauce and slivers of parmesan.
  • INSALATA DI QUINOA: Quinoa with rocket lettuce, textured tomato, fresh avocado, toasted cashews, baby soy beans and
    a delicious basil pesto.
  • POLLO FRITTO: Deliciously crispy chicken with a creamy coriander sauce.
  • CARPACCIO TRADIZIONALE: Tender slivers of veal seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, mushrooms, rocket lettuce,
    parmesan, drops of balsamic cream and a touch of pepper.
  • ROLLING AUTUNNALE: Taco stuffed with cooked ham, fresh cheese, rocket lettuce and “tartare sauce”, served with fresh
    carrots, tomatoes and basil pesto dressing.
  • BRUSCHETTA ESTIVA: Deliciously toasted bread with a roast aubergine cream, a light tomato pesto with onion parmesan,
    mushroom and rocket lettuce.
  • SGABEI CON SALSE: Delicious bites of fried pizza dough served with two of our signature sauces.
  • INVOLTINI SICILIANA: A timeless classic; aubergine wraps filled with spaghetti, pecorino, tomato sauce and green
    herb sauce.
  • ANTIPASTO DEL GIORNO: Simply ask your waiter about the day´s special!!
  • DALLA BOTTEGA: Casserole of the day.

2º Plato

To choose between:

  • PIZZA STICCHIELLO: Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, pancetta and egg.
  • PIZZA MARGHERITA: Tomato, mozzarella and basil.
  • PIZZA CRUDO E FUNGHI: Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and serrano ham.
  • RIGATONI ALLA TRAPANESE: Aromatic sicilian toasted almond, basil, garlic, fresh tomato and pecorino cheese pesto.
  • RIGATONI GORGO E TARTUFO: A savoury gorgonzola cheese sauce, cream of truffles, parmesan cheese, pancetta and just
    a touch of cream.
  • LASAGNA: Oven-baked pasta with a bolognaise sauce with béchamel, mozzarella and parmesan.
  • MAIALE AI FUNGHI: Delicious and juicy pork seasoned with mushrooms, onion, black olives and a touch of white wine.
  • PASTA RIPIENA: Delicious stuffed pasta that can be combined with any of these three delicious sauces (Supplement
  • Funghi: With parmesan, guanciale, mushrooms, onion and cream.
  • Radicchio e prosciutto: With serrano ham, radicchio, parmesan, toasted almond, onion and cream.
  • Zio Basilio: With tomato pesto, basil pesto and a touch of cream.
  • PIATTO PRINCIPALE DEL GIORNO: Simply ask your waiter!!
  • DALLA BOTTEGA: Table of the day.


To choose between:

  • Water-Soft drink
  • Beer-Glass of house wine


To choose between:

  • CREMA DI YOGURT CON FRUTTA: Sweet, creamy Greek yoghurt with pieces of fresh fruit.
  • TORTA DI FORMAGGIO: Our signature cheesecake served with fresh fruit.
  • BROWNIE: Sweet chocolate spongecake with vanilla ice cream, nuts and a toffee sauce.
  • TIRAMISÚ: Smooth and creamy mascarpone with sponge fingers bathed in Italian coffee.

Ask your waiter for “we are interested in your firm” promotion!


Childrens menu


Il Nostro menú


Gluten free options


Opening Times

Monday: 13.30 – 16.00 // CLOSED
Tuesday: 13.30 – 16.00 // CLOSED
Wednesday: 13.30 – 16.00 // 20.00 – 22.30
Thursday: 13.30 – 16.00 // 20.00 – 22.30
Friday: 13.30 – 16.00 // 20.00 – 22.30
Saturday: 13.00 – 16.00 // 20.00 – 22.30
Sunday: 13.00 – 16.00 // 20.00 – 22.30


At Al Pomodoro, Valencia’s most emblematic Italian restaurant, we take the food safety and hygiene of our kitchen, premises and facilities very seriously, as we do with those of all our suppliers, and all processes and procedures that bring us together.

Because our mission is to ensure that any dealings you have with us, either in the restaurant or at home, are a singular, exceptional and above all safe experience.